• [KENT] CRYSTAL Small Soft Firm Action Toothbrush (Compact Size) – (Set of 5)

    $0.20 Cashback

    ✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Compact round curved soft bristles ensures deep cleaning of your teeth and gums. Compact head design to clean back of molars and inside teeth.  Antibacterial silver coated bristles reduce formation of bacteria present on your teeth, mouth and toothbrush.

    ✅ 4 WAY ENDED BRISTLES – End of bristles are split in 4 ways to enhance deep cleaning. Indented thumb rest provides easy control when brushing. Reduces the need to overly grip the soft toothbrush to ensure soft brushing.

    ✅ CONTEMPORARY COLORS – The 5 rustic colors add modern and contemporary design to your bathroom. Functional and aesthetically appealing paired with Kent’s Ceramic Toothbrush Holders (sold seperate).

    ✅ SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY –  BPA Free bristles.  100% recyclable.

    ✅ EUROPEAN ENGINEERED – Exclusive licence dealer with United Kingdom’s G.B. Kent & Sons PLC.