Seller Portal Dashboard

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< All Topics offers easy to use Seller Portal Dashboard. Once you login using your Seller account, you’ll be automatically redirected your Seller Dashboard. Below is the overview of the Seller Portal Dashboard.

Seller Portal Dashboard
  1. Home – This is the main Dashboard page of your Seller Portal. It displays overview of your sales related data and graphs, and more.
  2. Orders – This is where you’ll see all orders your customer has placed.
  3. RMA Request – Check any Returns, Exchange, Cancellation requests.
  4. Payments – View all seller payouts.
  5. Products – Add, Edit, Delete, Manage all your products here.
  6. Add to My Store – If you carry the same product that’s already listed on and you want to be shown as another seller, Use “Add to My Store” to be added.
  7. Media – This is where you see all your media files such as images, videos, etc.
  8. Customers – You’ll see all customers that has placed an order with your store.
  9. Coupons – You can manage your coupons here.
  10. Articles – You can add postings to your store.
  11. Staff – Add and manage your staff user account.
  12. Followers – See who is following your store.
  13. Support – This is where you’ll see customer inquiries for customer support.
  14. Reviews – Your store reviews.
  15. Analytics – A comprehensive analytics of your store and sales.
  16. Reports – Detailed reports for your store.
  17. Ledger Book – See all transaction data.
  18. Seller Forums – Access the KoaJoa Seller Forums for discussion, questions, and to interact with other sellers.
  19. Seller Knowledge Base – Need help? Check out this section to find help and instructions.
  20. My Account – Access your account information on and view/edit.
  21. Settings – This is where you setup your store information and settings.
  22. Logout – You never need to click this button but if you ever need to, this is where you click to logout of completely.

On top right hand corner, you’ll see these icons.

Seller Portal Dashboard
  1. First icon you see is a Notification Board and this is where you see all notification related to your seller account.
  2. Second icon you see is an Inquiry Board notification which shows any customer inquiries for your store.
  3. Third icon shows an Announcement from KoaJoa Seller Support.
  4. Fourth icon is a Knowledgebase where you can see all seller related helpful information and how to’s like this one.
  5. Lastly, you’ll see your Profile page for your account. Please note that this is your personal profile and not your store. To edit your Store profile and settings, please use Settings menu on the left bottom area on the Seller Portal Dashboard.

For more details, check other Knowledge Base articles regarding each feature.