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All sellers are required to submit a completed & signed W9 form for tax information so KoaJoa can issue a 1099 for you to file tax for your earnings. Please login to the Seller Portal and follow the instructions below to update Seller Additional Information:

Seller Profile - Additional Info
  1. Login to the Seller Portal and click on Profile button (avatar) on top right corner.
  2. Click on Additional Info from the sub-menu.
  3. Fill in all information required. You can mouse-over to a blue question mark for explanation. Please click on [Download W9 Form] to download the W9 form (PDF) from the IRS website directly. Please complete the W9 form and print out to sign it and scan the signed form to upload.
    a) Legal Business Name – Enter registered legal business name. If you are an individual seller, you can just enter your full legal name.
    b) Doing Business As (DBA) – If you have a separate DBA, enter your DBA name.
    c) Business Entity Type – Select the business structure of your business. If you are an individual seller, you can select Individual / Sole Proprietorship.
    d) US Tax ID (EIN or SSN) – Enter the TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number). If you are a business, enter EIN, if you are an individual seller, enter your SSN.
    e) Please upload a completed & signed W9 form. – Please click on Download W9 Form. Complete & Sign the W9 form, scan or photograph, and upload it. If you are an individual seller, you can enter the SSN instead of EIN within W9 form.
    f) Please upload EIN (Federal Tax ID) document. – Please upload the full page of the EIN document for your business. If you are an individual seller, you can skip this process.
    g) Seller’s Permit – This is required for both individual and business sellers.
    h) Which category matches your product? – Choose the categories your product matches. Select all that applies.
    i) How did you hear about – Let us know how you heard about us.
  4. After completing all necessary information, click on SAVE button on the bottom right corner.

Your seller account may be denied or suspended if you don’t complete this requirement as we need your tax information. It is required by law to report tax on earnings so please make sure to complete this information. Thank you!