Tiered Pricing (Bulk Discount)

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You can offer a Tiered Pricing (Bulk Discount) to your shoppers with ease. To add a Tiered Pricing (Bulk Discount) to your product listing, please follow the steps below.

1. Login to your Seller Portal and click on Products from the menu. Select a product which you want to add a Tiered Pricing. Scroll down to the bottom and select Tiered Pricing from the sub menu. *This is for a Simple Product type. Variable Product type explained at the bottom of this page.

Tiered Pricing (Bulk Discount)

2. Enter the necessary options and values to the fields.

a) Minimum quantity – Set if you are selling the product from quantity more than 1. If you set this at 1 and the first discounted pricing tier starts with 5 as seen on the above screenshot, your original pricing will be set for item quantity of 1 to 4.
b) Tiered pricing type – You can click to select either Fixed or Percentage. Select Fixed if you want to have a set pricing of your choice. Select Percentage if you want the discount to be applied as percentage.
c) Tiered price > Quantity – Enter the first discounted tier start quantity. If you have it set to 5 as above screenshot, 5 will be the minimum quantity to get the first tier of discounted pricing up to the next tier quantity set, such as 10 as seen from above screenshot.
d) Tiered price > Price – Enter the discounted price for this tier.

3. Click on the + button at the right corner of the box to add more tiers. Once you’ve set all the Tiered Pricing, view your product listing and you’ll see the Bulk Discount section above the Add to cart button.

Tiered Pricing (Bulk Discount)

4. To add Tiered Pricing to Variable Product type variations, please expand each variations to edit the Tiered Pricing section same way as explained above.

Tiered Pricing (Bulk Discount)

That’s it!

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