• Alcohol free/Face Mist/Anti Bacterial/Prevention from Microbial and Bacterial/K-Beauty/Moisture/100ml/3.38 fl oz

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    • The product has been approved by the National Cosmetics Regulation of South Korea (KFDA). Usage on human skin with the testing of anti-bacterial functions have also been approved.
    • 99.9% Anti-bacterial certificate obtained
    • Non-irritative to skin certificate obtained
    • Alcohol-free product with organic ingredients used provided non irritation to skin. For example; children and babies can also use the product.
    • Lasting anti-bacterial function
    • Being alcohol-free and inorganic ingredients used, unlike alcohol evaporating and requiring regular usage this product has a long lasting effect.
    • Can be used directly on skin
    • Industrial products like sanitizers (anti-bacterial function) and other similar products have labels warning about the potential skin irritations. However, AHCLEANMIST can be used directly on the human skin including the face.



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