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    Air Queen Nano Mask 10 Pcs

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    • Features – The Air Queen mask has a 3D ergonomic design to improve the fit on all faces.  The nanofiber technology blocks harmful microbes while allowing better air flow than conventional masks, making it easier to breathe.
    • Nanofiber Technology – The fibers of the Airbon are 1/1000th the thickness of a hair for enhanced filtration.
    • Lightweight – Weighing less than a sheet of paper, the Airbon is comfortable to wear all day.
    • Wide Nose Bridge – Helps to keep the mask in place and creates a better seal to inhibit eyeglasses from fogging.
    • Comfortable Ear Bands – The elastic ear bands offer comfort and a snug fit.
    • Durable – The quality construction holds up well.
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