$0.16 Cashback
    • A refreshing cooling body mist that cares various skin troubles on the body powerfully, yet mildly.
    • Tea Tree Leaf Extract in the colorless, scentless spray prevents the skin troubles from worsening.
    • Green Light Complex™ and Pearlsation™ soothe and recover the stimulated skin healthily.
  • KLAVUU Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack 20g

    $0.17 Cashback
    • A sleeping mask for lips with a gentle vanilla scent
    • Formulated with 3 kinds of plant-derived oils to moisturize lips, leaving them soft and supple
    • Helps exfoliate and prevent moisture loss from lips
  • KLAVUU Pure Pearlsation Revitalizing Intensive Peeling Gel 80ML

    $0.20 Cashback

    A peeling gel with Korean pearl extract and mild seaweed ingredients, which gently removes dead surface skin cells and creates dramatic skin textural changes. Your first step in having moist and clear skin. Removes all the makeup and skin residues.

  • KLAVUU Relief Pearlsation Signature Hand Cream 50ML

    $0.12 Cashback
    • A nourishing cream for hands replenishing dry, rough skin with hydration and nutrient.
    • The musky scent is preceded by top notes of peach and apple and accompanied by woody note, musk and jasmine.
  • KLAVUU White Pearlsation Divine Pearl Serum Mist 50ML

    $0.24 Cashback

    Moisturizing serum mist particles are infused with Korean Pearl extract to brighten skin tone.
    Contains Chlorella and Seaweed extract to soothe and hydrate skin.
    Gives a burst of hydration to skin when skin is feeling dry.

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