LANBELLE Super Natural Cream – 75ml

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  • The Yeon Canola Honey Essential Serum 200 ML

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    Multi-functional serum containing 42 % of Canola honey (extra large volume)

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    LANBELLE Supernatural Moist Lock Toner – 500ml

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  • [KENT] CRYSTAL Small Soft Firm Action Toothbrush (Compact Size) – (Set of 5)

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    ✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Compact round curved soft bristles ensures deep cleaning of your teeth and gums. Compact head design to clean back of molars and inside teeth.  Antibacterial silver coated bristles reduce formation of bacteria present on your teeth, mouth and toothbrush.

    ✅ 4 WAY ENDED BRISTLES – End of bristles are split in 4 ways to enhance deep cleaning. Indented thumb rest provides easy control when brushing. Reduces the need to overly grip the soft toothbrush to ensure soft brushing.

    ✅ CONTEMPORARY COLORS – The 5 rustic colors add modern and contemporary design to your bathroom. Functional and aesthetically appealing paired with Kent’s Ceramic Toothbrush Holders (sold seperate).

    ✅ SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY –  BPA Free bristles.  100% recyclable.

    ✅ EUROPEAN ENGINEERED – Exclusive licence dealer with United Kingdom’s G.B. Kent & Sons PLC.

  • Konad Nail Art Square Stamping Set

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    Nail stamping plates allow anyone to get creative and can add creativity in nail art to their manicure! Nail stamping plates offer the easiest and most cost-effective way to customize your manicure and the best part is – you can reuse them time and time again. Say goodbye to Jamberry or stickers that can peel off within minutes and hello to nail art that is as personal and unique as you are. Our nail designs are perfect for every shape and size of nail and we are proud to offer the most unique nail art designs you can find. Because we are also users of our products – we know firsthand what to look for in a nail stamping design and we create our nail art stamping plates with our customer’s needs in mind.

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    The SAJA Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit, 5 Pairs Magnetic Lashes, 2 Tubes of Waterproof Magnetic Eyeliner, Comes With Applicator, Reusable & No Glue Needed

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    • [UPGRADED 5 STYLES MAGNETIC EYELASHES] We offer 100% excellent handmade 5 different pairs of glamorous reusable magnetic eyelashes. Good for all occasions. Each has strong and steady magnets, natural and gorgeous looking. They are upgraded ultra-thin, super light 5 magnets, can be strongly and easily attached to your eyelid because of the magnetic particles in the liquid eyeliner. It’s very convenient.
    • [DOUBLE MAGNETIC EYELINER] This magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit comes with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic eyelash to easily connect. Our Magnetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the high-strength magnets in the false eyelashes to adhere strongly. The magnetic eyeliner is waterproof, very easy to remove and also smudge-proof and is used with a familiar brush. No need for any sticky glue!
    • [LONG-LASTING & REUSABLE] Our magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit is very durable and strong. Our eyeliner kit is actually made with a stronger formula than other magnetic eyeliners. It can reuse many times since the hairs of false eyelashes are all the strongest and best, the magnetic eyeliner also can be used as normal eyeliner. It’s also waterproof and doesn’t fade. You can enjoy your beautiful lash look all-day long!
    • [EASY TO USE] It is very simple to put on our Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner kit. First, please shake the eyeliner bottle before applying it, the magnetic particles can spread evenly in the liquid. Apply the magnetic eyeliner as you would with any eyeliner. Please wait a few minutes until the eyeliner liquid gets dry and then apply pick up the eyelashes by the tweezers then put it on the eyeliner. That’s it! No mess! No stress! Just a gorgeous look!
    • [SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN] The magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner are made of safety ingredients, no need glue, no latex, and allergy-free. The liquid magnetic eyeliner contains no harmful ingredients. We choose absolutely safe ingredients, premium quality eyelashes made of silk, super comfortable and lightweight, and use the upgraded magnetic technology, to give our customers the best experience. By makeup remover and cotton pad, it can be easily cleaned and removed.
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    LANBELLE Natural Deep Pore Cleanser – 210ml

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    Cute Makeup Headband for Face Wash Shower Mask Eelastic Headband Soft Big Bow Hairband

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    Makeup Headband / Skincare Accessory / Pink Hairband for Makeup Application / Stocking Stuffer

  • ROUND LAB – 1025 Dokdo On-The-Go Set (Toner + Lotion + Cleanser)

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    Don’t forget the skin care essentials while you’re on the go!
    ROUND LAB’s simple and trust-able skin care set has got you covered
    The travel kit includes Dokdo Cleanser 40ml, Dokdo Toner 50ml, Dokdo Lotion 50ml

  • ROUND LAB – 1025 Dokdo Toner + Lotion Set (200ml/each)

    $0.35 Cashback

    This set consists of 1 toner (200ml) & 1 lotion (200ml). 
    Toner Mild peeling – HATCHING EX-07 helps to treat dead skin cell and blackhead, so it is treated with smooth skin and clean pores.
    Lotion Hydrate dry skin – Ulleung Island, a clean ocean of deep seawater moisturizing factors and rich mineral ingredients provide moisture to care for moist skin.
    size : 200ml 6.76 oz (Toner) + 200ml 6.76 oz (Lotion)

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    BRUSHLINE – Pack of 8 Ultra Soft Toothbrush with Micro Thin Tapered Bristle – Made in Korea (4 Colors)

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    Pack of 8 Ultra Soft Toothbrush with Micro Thin Tapered Bristle by Brushline – Made in Korea (4 Colors)

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    ROUND LAB – Soybean Nourishing Cream (80ml)

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    This Soybean Nourishing Cream is excellent at nourishing skin thanks to the Ceramide.
    It contains Adenosin that improves wrinkles and convey nutrient to the skin.
    Formulated with deep moisture cream type that hydrate and nourish the skin.
    [How To Use] Take a proper amount and apply it over skin.

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    ROUND LAB – Birch Juice Moisturizing Cream (80ml)

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    • A Birch Juice Moisturizing Cream is excellent at moisturizing the skin thanks to the Vita hyaluronic acid.
    • It forms water barrier to protect the skin from losing moisture.
    • It is formulated with moisture capsule that supply the skin with collagen and nutrient.
    • [How To Use] Take a proper amount and apply it over skin.
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    ROUND LAB – 1025 Dokdo Cream (80ml)

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    • Glowpick Consumer Beauty Awards 2018 / Styleshare Beauty Awards 2018
    • If you care about rough skin, Dokdo cream gives full moisturizing. Strengthens the skin barrier to moist and smooth skin
    • Triple hyaluronic acid / 24-hour moist moisture care 5-Ceramide / Strengthen weak skin barrier
    • Skin texture improvement / Clinical completion of skin keratin reduction
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    ROUND LAB – 1025 Dokdo Toner (500 ml)

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    Jumbo size – 500ml
    Presenting a special toner that cleans up dead skin cells while filling up the skin with moisture. The method is simple, but results are special. Take care of your skin every day with comfort.
    The #1 soothing item for three consecutive years for your skin concerns
    Deep sea water of Ulleungdo Island Maintenance of moisture balance by rich mineral ingredients
    HATCHING EX-07 Skin surface, old and dead skin cells, daily low-irritant care
    Panthenol – Protects the skin with a strongly-adhering moisture barrier

  • ROUND LAB – 1025 Dokdo Lotion (200 ml)

    $0.28 Cashback

    74 kinds of natural minerals in the deep sea water of Ulleungdo maintain the moisture balance of the skin.
    Contains panthenol, chamomile extract and centella asiatica to soothe the skin and protect sensitive skin.
    It is formulated with fluid texture that can be used with BB cream or foundation to express glow makeup
    [How To Use] After toner, take an appropriate amount and gently apply it along the skin texture.

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    Ildong IBL Hyaluronic Acid Mask – 10 Packs

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    Ildong IBL Probiotic Mask – 10 Packs

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