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Beta Test Sellers Wanted - Become a Seller

Due to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, economy, businesses, individual, and families have been hit hard financially. All major online marketplaces have banned the sells of essential items due to price gouging and for quality control, etc. So we have developed where buyers and sellers come together as one, with trust, building a better and stronger marketplace for us all. At, we are buyers too and we’ve been a seller as well in most of major marketplaces so we know of the both world. With our experience and technical background, we will do our best to satisfy both the buyer and seller.

We are currently looking for sellers of all industry who is willing to beta test with us before the official launch of to public. Please read below for brief details of sellers and buyers features of

Seller Benefits & Features:

  1. Flexibility – For those who have tried to sell or currently selling on Amazon, you know how difficult it is from becoming a seller to setting it up. Not to mention all those listing inactivity and suspensions, etc. At, we give more freedom to our sellers, as long as you abide by our policies and guidelines to stay legal within the law.
  2. Powerful Selling Tools – We’ve built to be both powerful and easy to use for sellers. From sign-up, listing your product, selling, to customer service and RMA, it’s all at your fingertip. Should you have any issues or questions, you can always use the seller support and seek help.
  3. Potential – We’re planning to launch the website to public sometime in July. With our long experience in online business and marketing strategies, we’ll bring big crowd of buyers to the marketplace to shop for your products with ease.
  4. Low Sales Commission Fee – Our fee is very low compare to other major marketplaces. On top of our low seller fee, we give our customers 2% cashback from the purchase price, paid by
  5. Low Seller Member Fee – We offer 2 membership plans; a Free Plan and a Business Plan. Free Plan includes 50 products (SKUs) and Business Plan includes listing of unlimited products, 3 staffs account, and a detailed analytics.
  6. Customer Service Tool – We offer tools for easy communication between a buyer and a seller.
  7. Advanced Listing – You can use our advanced listing tools such as 360 view image, product video, etc. Listing shows the Brand, Sold by, automatic image swatches, various attributes, and more.
  8. And Much More! – There are just too much more to list all of the benefits and features for the seller. So please become a seller on and see for yourself. You’d be amazed!
  • We offer special seller beta testing promotion by offering a Seller Business Plan Membership ($9.99/mo.) for free for 6 months. Use promo code KJSELLERBETA at membership checkout. Sign-up before 7/31/2020 to enjoy this promotional offer.

Buyer Benefits & Features:

  1. Easy Shopping – With a fast website page loading speed and easy to browse categories and menu, buyers can shop with ease with or without an account sign-up (free). Customer can request a refund/exchange/cancel directly to the seller.
  2. Security – has the same security level as the banks and government agencies so buyers can securely shop online with us.
  3. Cashback – Customers can earn up to 2% cashback on most (if not all) products on
  4. Digital Wallet –’s Digital Wallet allows you to collect and save on cashbacks, refunds, etc. Customers can transfer Digital Wallet funds directly to other customers within and also use the Digital Wallet fund to pay for the order.
  5. Beautiful Design & Layout – We built to make it easy to use and shop for our customers. Please checkout as picture’s worth a thousand words!
  6. Advanced Filter – Customers can filter the products to see your favorite colors, sizes, brands, etc. with ease.
  7. Review System – Customers can leave a review/feedback of the item they purchased on
  8. Comparison Shopping – Customers can easily click Compare icon on the product to add to the comparison table where they can compare multiple products on one page.
  9. And Much More! – There are just too much more to list all of the benefits and features for the buyer. So please visit and check us out!

Businesses are required to submit a Seller’s Permit and EIN/Tax ID for tax purpose. We will issue a 1099-K for you to file taxes. Non-business registered individuals can submit their SSN for the same purpose. If you have your own website, already a seller on online marketplaces, or you’re just starting out, please give us a try and thrive with us.

KoaJoa, Inc. –

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