• Lip and Eye Remover (Kona Deep Sea Water) 150 ml

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    Multipurpose make-up remover that dissolves even the hardest to remove waterproof products

    Formulated with Kona Deep Sea Water and natural-derived oils, this multipurpose make-up remover dissolves the hardest to remove waterproof products without irritation. It also soothes, brightens and firms the skin.

  • ELLA Oil Absorbing Moisture Powder Pact

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    Provides silky smooth textures and protects the skin while absorbing sebum grease

    Oil Absorbing Moisture Powder Pact absorbs excess grease, protects skin and provides silky smooth texture. The light and fine particles in the moisture powder absorbs sebum grease and sweat, leaving the skin matte, refreshed and moisture balanced all day.

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    ELLA Skin Retoucher and Blender

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    The Perfect Blend Skin Retoucher & Blender perfects your complexion in one easy swipe and leaves your skin defined in seconds. This creamy light brown retoucher stick helps create dimension, and sharpen facial features, leaving a radiant finish.