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    LANBELLE Natural Deep Cleansing Oil – 200ml

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  • COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser 150 ml

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    • This gentle cleanser does not irritate the skin, but it definitely does its job in removing all impurities from the skin.
    • Slightly acidic pH level helps maintain healthy skin by restoring the skin’s optimal pH level and protecting the skin from outer irritants.
    • Cleanses the skin without stripping feeling and leaves the skin refreshed, clean and glowy.
  • The Yeon Charcoal Black Deep Cleanser 150 ml

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    One-step deep cleanser, which provides all the benefits of double cleansing without using a cleansing oil and a foaming cleanser separately.

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    Sparkling Foam Cleanser (Kona Deep Sea Water)

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    Rich minerals from Kona Deep Sea Water added to purify and revitalize the skin

    The foam cleanser supplies abundant minerals of deep sea water to help keep the skins vitality and smooth texture. Rich in minerals, Kona deep sea water purifies and revitalizes the skin. It pulls pore-clogging dirt, grime and oil from your pores without drying out your skin. It also removes dead skin cells for softer and smoother texture.

  • Lila Lily Sky Sheep Cleansing

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    • SKY sheep milk helps the skin become flawlessly clean and Bright.
    • It also contains natural SB. Portulaca oleracea extract and centella asiatica extract also remove waste and dirt from the skin without making it feel irritated or dry.
    • Containing 22% sheep Milk!
    • Moisturizing Cleansing Foam. Safe for Sensitive Skin.
    • Sheep Milk is Rich in Selenium and provide skin protection.
    • High in selenium it creates and brighten skin tone and activates skins own protection ability from harmful external factors.
    • Enjoy sky Sheep Cleansing Foam and the healthier skin with a brighter sky sheep cleansing foam for the healthier skin. It helps skin tone to stay moisturize by triggering skins own defensive mechanism. 
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